Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cindy Lou ...Who? - Taylor Momsen Returns

Early Days

Sweet but edgy

Loving the leather shorts

Taylor Momsen, the seventeen year old actress, model and musician. Most well known for her role as 'Jenny Humphrey' on the American sitcom 'Gossip Girl' and the role that kicked her career off, 'Cindy Lou Who' in 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'.

Fronting her New York band 'The Pretty Reckless' with the hits 'Light Me up' and more recently 'Make Me Wanna Die'.
Personally I'm not really sure about her music yet, Sure the tracks have some killer sounds and lyrics, but for some reason I'm still not convinced.. yet.
 I will admit that the girl can sing a live gig, check out"

Momsen performing in 'The Pretty Reckless'
Not bad huh? well side from acting and singing, Momsen happens to have a very unique approach to fashion (or maybe it's her stylist) either way she's the one who winds up wearing it. So here it goes.

I'm loving the black grunge look, the lace and heavy eye makeup even though sometimes it can be a bit of overkill. Hey why not?

From the leather to the suspenders Momsen is definitely onto something, (however contradicting her trends may be to the media)

So here's a heads up for what may be the latest, hottest and most wanted trends that Momsen herself wears.

 Grunge Glam

Below is a photo of Momsen  in a styled look. 

Using the wonderfully amazing Polyvore website
I have made an easy template, recreating 

this style for those in need of assistance. Hope you enjoy.

Go for rough, acid wash denims and tough lace.
Mix with smokey eyes, glamor studs and dirty diamonds.
Plus long locks if you have em ! :)

Aside from the disappointing music video of 'Miss Nothing'(which pretty much shows Momsen floundering around in her underwear). Taylor, I am content with the Fashion. Still, convince me on the music dear. 

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