Sunday, September 5, 2010

Go GaGa For GaGa.

GaGa in 'Telephone'

Lady GaGa is well known world wide for her artistic breakthroughs in the music and fashion worlds. The 24 year old, now a massive icon passed through New Zealand not so long ago in March 2010 on her mind blowing Monster Ball Tour,where she had two giant sold out shows in Auckland at the Vector Arena. I was lucky enough to get my hand on a ticket and flew up to go with my darling cousin (an Auckland uni student) as well as stay with another aunt,uncle and cuz :D

We had a ball and ended up meeting these guys
Who were nice enough for a picture and a chat. (below photo)
Pretty die hard fans, people through out the crowd decked out in stilettos,telephones,lace,leather,crossing tape  not to mention the sea of blonde wigs. After her opening act Semi-precious Weapons finished a kick ass set we waited through about 40 min of Michael Jackson's songs as a remembrance. Then there she was, her silhouette appearing through a spotlight as "Dance in the dark' was performed. The first thing she said to the audience was 'The world thinks we are freaks my little kiwi monsters, not to worry we've locked all the freaks outside!'

GaGa's Auckland Concert

Another highlight was the incredible giant glow fish that overtook the stage during 'Paprizzai' GaGa screams into the mic 'Come on! eat me mother fucker! ' before throwing herself under its jaws and reappearing moments later in a completely new costume. Her focus and stage presence was beyond amazing and I look forward to seeing her live again.

Now with the recent release of the hit 'Alejandro' and rumours of yet another upcoming album. GaGa's on a roll. Inspired by her videos and music i have decided to create a blog post that has 'look alike' threads,trends and where to get them on GaGa's legacy alone.

For instance,the prison yard scene taken from 'Telephone' (above) has GaGa in a stunning jacket, Does this look similar? I'm thinking close enough. If you really want to go the whole way and money is an issue head to a second hand clothing store or raid your mums 80's wardrobe to find a pre-loved darling of a jacket that can be worn as is, or 'PIMPED'. For this I would recommend sequins ,studs ,chains even old jewelery .. anything goes really, pick it up from a local craft store and smack it on!        

Whatever floats your boat, have fun with it to create your own look and style that others will envy!

As for the American flag theme of patriotism ,why not grab a flag and get on the sewing machine (if you want something original) or head down to some chain stores to start the hunt.

Maurie and Eve (
Get the look
have a few steals on a reasonable budget. I also discovered the joys of Converse where you can even customise your own shoe and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world!


that's me.

Singlet by Maurie And Eve

Maurie And Eve Tee


  1. if I had a leather jacket I would send it to you.
    I will keep an eye out in the second hand shops with you in mind. Quite often I see smaller sized ones. You can GaGa ot bling it all you want.

  2. haha Thank you :) Thats very kind ! :)